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Manika Kaur’s Sense of Peace

Manika Kaur
I Bow To You Waheguru (United Sound, 2015)

I Bow to You Waheguru is an album of devotional kirtan (Indian praise music) songs by Manika Kaur. It’s a meditative, easy to listen recording with gentle vocals, placid western arrangements and Indian music elements in the form of Indian-style violin, sarod and tabla.

The laid back, lavish production flows nicely. I Bow To You Waheguru includes renowned percussionist and electronic music producer Talvin Singh, as well as notable work by Rakhesh Chaurasia on bansuri (Indian flute) and Jyostna Srikanth on Indian-style violin.

“When I discovered kirtan as a girl, it was a different feeling from any other music I had known,” reveals Kaur. “Kirtan brings a sense of peace. You’re singing the most beautiful love letters to God. It’s so deep and beautiful.”

Kaur gives details about the composition process “The tunes pop into my head in the prayer room. I start singing the prayer instead of speaking it.”

Manika Kaur’s devotional album effortlessly crosses the boundaries of kirtan, new age and world music and will support S.O.S., a Sikh children’s education initiative